Quality Copywriting: The Value Of Text

"As a content producer and quality copy writer, I absolutely love that search engines now favor original written content and penalize copied, recycled and stolen all-same-all-same-articles."

Love it even more that Google and other search engines rate and analyze and evaluate real human interaction from actual live visitors and promote or demote websites accordingly.

Websites that provide crappy online content, blah-blah-blah, and boring-to-death-experiences that nobody wants in the first place should be rightly punished and I am personally very glad that is already happening online.

The real value of text is finally showing in real-time results that show up in loss or gains in profits.

Wanna-be-authors that do not know how to excite their audiences will be always around and every good writer someday started as a newbie and not-so-good-writer.


What Are Your Own Standards?

But do you really want to employ those writers in order to improve your online profits, improving how customers perceive your services and products and in the end that it communicates PURE VALUE as the main reason why people should buy from you?

Online-Day-Dreamers want to cut corners and paying as little as possible they can, getting away paying writers per word, paying writers per hour, paying writers via writers platforms where desperate untalented writers lower the prices and trick writers working for free... This is actually the greatest gift they give to their competition who knows better.

The smarter competition isn't delusional, thinking that those writers will provide them with high-quality, highly engaging content that readers get so excited about - that they will share it freely on social media and their networks.

How Not To Pay A Writer: The Fallacies

Many treat text like a commodity. Like buying a bag of nuts.

100 g cost how much? So how about if I buy 1 kg instead?

Evaluating text and content the wrong way leads to quality issues and ultimate disappointment in results.

Here are the main Copywriting quality fallacies that your competition does fall for,
that YOU can easily avoid.

How Not To Pay A Writer

Paying Per Word

Who came up with the idea that MORE text is naturally more expensive then LESS text? Why should writing 10 articles be cheaper than 1 article?

Copywriting Secret: Writing less text usually requires more skill and will take longer than writing a long text.

Look at the back of a book: you need to have a skilled writer to distill the content of a book there in such a way to summarize it without giving everything away making the reader want to buy the book to learn more.

Look at a business slogan like "Just do it." or a book title that consists of only a few words - how much worth is each word right there? €2000 per word? Might still be not reflecting the real value.

Paying per word basically says: all words are equal. It takes the same brain power. Sorry to break the news: it is not.

You might mistake content writers with a translator that offers you to translate "per word".

Be surprised: high-quality translators might charge you per project instead!

Paying A Writer Per Hour

If you have back pain and need a massage you pay 30 minutes? Oh, you need the massage for 1 hour - of course, that will cost you twice as much. Just that creating content does not work like that at all.

Paying a writer per hour just ignores one very essential element of competent and compelling writing: research. Before a writer can write in such a way that the reader actually believes and knows that the author KNOWS WHAT SHE/HE IS WRITING ABOUT there is often quite substantial research to be done.

In case you have not noticed: there is so much online crap that is just such generic blah-blah that does not give you any insights, because... well the author had no clue about what she/he was writing in the first place. It was just text to fill the page and make it look interesting.

Copywriting Secret: It takes much more time to create content as the more complex a topic is, the more research is needed.

The urgency problem: you need this text and content REALLY fast?

Copywriting Secret: Does it takes more talent for a writer to produce High-Quality in a short time? Getting something faster (as in faster shipping) is always more expensive!

Don't fall for the trap that just because you need something faster, that the part of doing research for the content can be done faster as well.

Paying A Writer Via Freelance Platforms

People that do not have a lot of experience and selling their writing services per word or per hour are everywhere on freelance platforms such as upwork.com or god forbid textbroker.com

(Ask for my textbroker scam warning personally: they lure in unknowing authors with false psychological tactics to make them writing almost for free)

Or fiverr.com (yikes) - these people underbid each other and offer their services based on pricing without a measurement of their quality.

Those platforms basically say: all writers are the same, just pick the cheapest - there is no difference.

In the end, you get what you pay for. You might end up asking to rewrite content several times, will be forced to change writers because of low quality and in the end will be paying much more in total compared to hiring a higher-priced professional in the first place.

Copywriting Secret: There are almost no specialized content writers that hang out on those platforms. They are all too busy writing for high-paying clients already.

In case you forgot about one big killer element in freelance sites: they keep usually a very big cut 20–40% often, so what you pay "the writer" never reaches the writing talent and is eaten away in commissions.

Asking A Writer To Work For Free

This is usually associated with above-mentioned freelancer platforms. "Can you provide me with a sample?" or "Please write one free article, before we can work with you." - The correct answer is: No.

Any writer who is not getting paid first, and then delivers high-value-content is doing it the wrong way around.

I personally won't risk my time and writing text and content without prior payment. If a new client is not happy with my work, I will find out what the reason is: then I offer a rewrite or a complete refund of the money and stop working with the other party.

This goes well along with how much value someone's service for yourself. If you think "writing text is no big deal" then you would certainly not understand why you would need to prepay a high-quality professional.

The Writer Of Your Choice?

Stating the obvious: A writer is a human being, only being able to write a fixed amount of hours per month.

Who would you rather work with?

A writer that is earning 500 $/€ per month or a writer that is earning 5000 $/€ per month?

Would you think a higher paid writer works more efficient and will provide high value coming from a place of professionalism versus being a low-priced writer desperate delivering text fighting to survive?

How To Pay A Writer: Paying Per Project

High-Quality Content As Win-Win Deal

The only way to get the most value out of high-quality writer producing content for you is paying her/him per project.

You as the client need to set the expectation: the clear purpose of the content and the content guidelines what needs to be included. You set the deadline. And then you let the writer do her/his work.

It is the writers' obligation to tell you when the content can be completed realistically without sacrificing quality. If a writer delivers content too late - you need to decide in advance if you agree on a penalty to be paid or what arrangement is needed. And how many rewrites are included?

From my perspective as a writer, I can tell you that clients who like to pay the least amount of money are often those who want to have content rewritten several times because they can't make up their mind in the first place.

Considering Your Reach

A rock star performing in front of 100 people is paid less than one performing in front of 1.000.000 people. Surprisingly people assume the amount of text published online is all the same.

An email with 500 words sent to 1,000 subscribers is not the same as being sent to 10,000 subscribers. It has a different reach and therefore a different value and pricing attached.


Return Of Investment

How can you know if you paid too much for text? If you have no clear objective, then any price is too expensive.

If you have a service that sells for €/$ 500 and you know that one person per month bought from you so far. You then add new content and text (or a new sales letter) on your site: now you get 5 sales within a month.

This means you made €/$ 2000 more this month. The question is how much money to want to "risk" to spend on quality content in order to reach a new goal of improved sales? When will the new sales pay for the content and you break even?

Just Add Marketing: Fallacy Alarm

High-Quality text and content is not a replacement for marketing.

Excellent content and text can only do it's magic if enough people are going to read and consume it. For this to happen you need to send traffic to your website. Paid advertising via Google, Bing, Social Media, Banners and other options.

If you think you can generate enough traffic with "free methods" or slow methods like SEO, then think again. Just because you put great text and content on your website, people will not magically show up at your virtual doorstep.

However: If people DO show up there - make sure you are well prepared with High-Quality content to impress and win them over.

Quality Copywriting: The Value Of Text

"Happy to provide you with high-quality content and copy when you need it."

I highly value that you took the time to read and evaluate the words I created. While they serve itself as a sample of my quality of writing, it is also an invitation for you to contact me, if you feel the timing is right for High-Quality copywriting for you.